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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  February 15, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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people and injuring 15 others stepped into cart for the first time this afternoon. >> are you nicolas cr. >> ye are you held without bond until further order of the court. >> police say that cruz opened fire at his former high school. >> it was 2:00 when the gunshots started outside of the school wednesday, terrified students hiding in classrooms behind desks. >> i feel like i'm in a dream, like this is notreal. a burgun shorts and mixed in with students running weunstd. cruz a mile away from the scene by this officer. >> training kicked in and i pulled my vehicle over immediately. and engaged the suspect.
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>> authorities are now learning more about the suspect described as a loaner and crazy neighbors and other students. >> he was always -- violence aggressive. >> some families left in absolute anguish. friends and strangers coming together to remember the victims of the one of the deadliest students in the u.s. >> where do we go how do we cope? where do we find the strength? >> that the suspect had ties to a white supremacist group and meanwhile the fbi is looking into how they handled a tip they received last year about a threat the posted on youtube. stephanie ramos parkland, florida. former philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey along with many others is hoping that the tragedy effects real change from lawmakers. he is now a security consultant
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and spoke to "action news" from the scene in parkland today and here is what he says has to happen. >> every day the citizens have to get involved. we have young people losing their lives on the streets of our cities every single day and nothing happens. and people have to stand up and say enough is enough. and if the elected officials don't want to take action put someone in congress that will. >> it has local schools taking a close look at the security plan they have in place. >> reporter: i think so. and i think it's fair to say they are always look agent possible threats, it's part of life in the 21st century for educators. we talked to an educator from chester county today and public officials here in delaware county. and there was talk of technology and delco has a panic button system linked in with all of its schools and the other topic that came up repeatedly mental
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health. the elected official here urging students to reach out to teachers or counselors in this school if they know someone that probably needs to be seen by a mental health counselor or fits the description of the shooter in florida. >> this is your opportunity to tell someone in authority and hopefully we can do something about that. so we don't have to say, why didn't someone do somethi8abou. ever again. >> this is training video simulating an active shooter demonstration and they work hard on training school staffs and students on what to do to increase their odds of surviving. in westchester they have conducted drills for five or six years and have been intensifying efforts to stop young people before that can happen. >> perhaps prevent tragedies. schools that are doinghat may revention and didn't know it because it didn't
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happen. >> the district worked with police to make sure buildings are secure and locked and make sure staff and students know what to do if the worst occurs. that has evolved. the advice used to be just to hunker down. >> the first option is to get out and run, if you hear shots from one end get to the opposite end of the building and findcom >> and if the shooter is near hunker down and hide. >> and then prepare to fight. block doors with chairs throw chairs, have you to try to buy as much time as you can. >> well, the key is to buy time until the police can get there. live in media, john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. >> right now at, hearing more from the witnesses
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and watch the entire interview with former police issi profile on this issue. and advice oow to discuss the difficult news with their children. time for a check of the forecast which includes an accuweather alert for this weekend. >> but a warm day today and temperatures falling throughout the day tomorrow along with rain likely. meteorologist, adam joseph now in the weather center with the forecast. >> reporter: we are tracking two systems one tonight and the second one more potent over the upcoming weekend. it's warm out there with sunshine breaking back out and a batch of rain in the ohio valit and will be here this evening into the overnight hours and early tomorrow morning. as we look to the south and west on stormtracker 6 live double scan ar albuquerque, new
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mexico, they come together and are raced and injected late tomorrow night from the desert southwest moving across the country it rapidly intensifies from the mid-atlantic throwing rain, sleet and snow our way. this is 8:00 p.m. saturday evening if you have saturday evening plans or van tynes day dinner plans, watch this the snow will accumulate on the roadways. saturday night mainly all snow north of the pennsylvania turnpike, for areas near wilmington, philadelphia and trenton and just over the river in new jersey and northern delaware snow at times changing and mixing with rain and mainly rain from the start to finish, dover, millville, atlantic city to wildwood. the key take aways is a quick heavy thump of snow saturday evening saturday night. the wet heavy slushy snow like a
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march snow storm. there is snow covered roads where it stays all snow but melts quickly. we'll talk more about this in the full accuweather forecast. crime scene tape is surrounding a parking lot in mays landing as police investigate a homicide there. late this morning, police were called to winter bury drive inside of the village of hardings run 2 development and a number of detectives were on scene look agent evidence. they are not saying how the person died and we don't know if anyone is in custody. >> the red cross is helping a family whose home was destroyed in an early morning fire. the flames broke out at fern street in upperdarby. they found fire and smoke fro the third floor of the home there. no word on what caused this fire. too many people too few
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trains. new jersey governor, phil murphy announced what he is bringing called rail relief to the state. a series of state in trenton to address local crowding on nj transit due to lack of equipment and long wait times to fix broken cars. they caution that the troubles are deep and takes time to resolve. >> this is not, not a quick turn around project. new jersey transit woes stem from years of internal issues and state neglect. 20 rail cars will be returned to service in the coming weeks and they are finalizing a lease agreement to get more cars and a new system is put into place to regularly inspect the trains and get them fixed faster. the senate just rejected a bipartisan immigration proposal and the compromise would have helped nearly 1 million dreamers. and designated money for the
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president's border wall but lacked restrictions on immigration. and he threatened to veto the bill and it fell 6 votes short of what it needs to advance. >> it's time now for a first check of the "action news" traffic report. lets go live to matt pellman in the traffic center today. >> we have thinged being blocked. like the tacony palmyra bridge, it was blocked because of a passing southbound ship and traffic is just starting to move again on both sides of the tacony palmyra and slow in both directions along route 73 and blocked here the right lane on the vine street expressway westbound here in center city by broad street. right there, right under the overpass is an accident taking out the right lane, you know how this goes, at a crawl going westbound at the vine through this point at broad street and eastbound side the normal afternoon volume building in. and this is a spot that would
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normally be busy, 422 westbound side and this afternoon's complication a broken down truck sticking out into the right lane and people are slowing down because the right lane has to move over to the right lane. and the great northeast by the dunkin' donuts look for an overturned vehicle at red lion road and new casting an accident at 13 the southbound side approaching the 1340 split. lets check the ipad and check the waze app. a crash along south gulph road and things are not moving well close to 4 miles per hour near the christ cemetery. >> thank you matt. next on "action news" at 4:00, jeff skversky live in florida as the phillies take the fields for another spring training workout.
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we are looking at a chance of snow this weekend. 80 and sunny in clearwater, florida where spring training is underway. pitchers and catchers practice once again today. jeff skversky live at the training is facility with a look at how things went today. >> reporter: hey guys, there is a different fell down here in clearwater, florida, you walk into the locker room there is music blaring and out on the practice fields out there training the music is going. this is a young energetic team and they like this team down here in clearwater, florida, and not afraid to add. gm is working the phones and talking to free agents and talking about potential trades
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to land a veteran free agent at the top of the the rotation. he loves the energy that manager gabe kapler is bringing to the team as the first year as phillies manager. from the manager down he noticed that players and guys are way more prepared than ever. hurts like reece hoskins out crushing the ball already in clearwater. he is hesitant to say the year the fighting phils is ready to fight for the nl east. >> it's now no longer a pipe dream. the last couple of years it would have been pretty unlikely. the young players have arrived and added some veterans to the group. and you can now close your eyes and imagine a possibility where things start to break. >> people don't have to say hey look what is happening, we both knew where are you in the rebuild.
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playing out in camp and the regular season. >> reporter: remember kapler the other day said that this team could shock people. well he says it's awesome. typically a guy that does not want to say when they will start winning during the whole rebuild. he is ready to say the time is right here right now. the phillies are ready to win with this young team. jeff skversky "action news." >> thank you jeff. peco is warning local customers to protect themselveses from scams. criminals posing as peco representatives are relently contacting residents by phone. the imposters are telling the victims their service will be disconnected unless payment is made. peco would never demand money on the spot and never provide your banking information over the phone. if you have doubts contact your local police department. the franklin institute is dealing with damage to one of
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its valuable statues. they recently noticed the thumb missing from one of the terra cot awarriors, they determined it was stolen by a party guest in september. 24-year-old michael broke the thumb off and brought it back to his home in bear, delaware. he is facing a list of charges. >> and a car. can local roots celebrating years in business. they gathered in cherry hill today at the subaru for a big party and photo-op. they are marking the anniversary by donating 50 meals to meals on wheels. the american headquarters was founded in 1968 in bala cynwyd and in may the headquarters will move to camden any look at business here as the indexes today all up on wall street, the dow closing up 306 points on the
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day. fifth day of straight gains and the nasdaq and s&p 500 gaining sharply on the day. >> numbers headling in the other direction in the accuweather forecast meteorologist, adam joseph, joining us with that now. >> beautiful out there now. warm temperatures and sunshine returning, the weather center live on sky 6. the home in talon energy stadium and commodore barry bridge clouds in the distance those are the clouds leaving temporarily, as more come in from the western sky and rain is just a few hours away with another soaker overnight tonight. right now 61 philadelphia and 62 in trenton and 6 in reading and close to 70 in lancaster county. where the sun came out first and coming out last like millville and the atlantic city airport and beach haven cooler but nice between 55 and 60 degrees. as we go into the day tomorrow, this is your day planner for friday. backwards upside down day.
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what you dress for in the morning not what you need later in the day. we start with the warmest part of the day in the morning, upper 50s to near 60 degrees and stay in the 50s through lunch time and then in the afternoon and evening temperatures quickly fall back into the 40s. as colder air rushes in ahead of the next system. as we look at satellite 6 along with action radar there is the batch of rain to the west push information 7:00 until 9:00 from the west to the east here and we look at future tracker 6 at 7:30 this evening, pockets of yellows and orange, moderate to heavy side and midnight tonight near 60 across much of the area with the ongoing rain action. and that also continues in the morning rush tomorrow. wet roadways. rain falling and allowing extra time with temperatures in the upper 50s. by the evening rush hour. breaking out from the north to the south. that time the rain and clouds exit the northerly winds set in
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and fall into the 40s. then the system coming in a sizable system with moisture coming with. saturday 7:00 p.m. and snow overspreading the region and starting as snow for most of us. as the storm continues to develop, with not a lot of cold air in place. a rain-snow line is setting up but how far inland does that line go? we think somewhere along i-95 where it does mix with rain and rain in most southern areas but gone by sunday 7:00 a.m. just a quick hit of snow and falling at a heavy rate for a short period of time saturday evening and in fact where it stays all snow we are looking at 3 to 6 inches, chester montgomery and bucks county up into the lehigh valley. and 95 wilmington and trenton, maybe 15 miles to the northern of i-95 and 15 minutes to the south 1 to 3 inches of heavy wet snow and coating to an inch in
4:21 pm
parted of central south jersey and no accumulation in southern areas where there is a lot of rain with the storm. >> your four day at 4:00 forecast. 62 tomorrow and showers in the morning and temperatures fall in the afternoon as it drys out and saturday the evening snow should start between 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. in the evening. and 40 degrees and rain mixing in at times and we'll see where that rain line sets up and milder and melting snow on sunday and 48 and holiday monday cloudy and 53 with rain if the afternoon. and we'll hit 70 next week. we'll talk about it in the next half hour. thank you. this weekend's is penn state's thon. the largest run philanthropy in the world. and chad pradelli will bring you the live coverage as the 46 hour dance marathon kicks off again tomorrow and keep up with the activity at and facebook and on twitter. [narrator] look around.
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paint brushes and ladders were in sight everywhere in home depot. in addition to pine or repairs they installed ceiling tiles and fans and replaced a bathroom vanity. black history month w focus in huntington valley. the harriet tubman experience was on display at the harriet christian school. they presented a living portrayal oiet tubman. the most famous conductor of the underground railroad that helped thousands of enslaved africans escape to freedom. two sisters that live hundreds of miles apart have quality time. we were there for the big hug at philadelphia international airport as olivia call and anna shimmers were once again
4:26 pm
reunited. olivia was adopted out of a russian off fan when she was just 9 months old and anna was adopted out of the same orphanage eight years later and she is from detroit. and they listed the name on the adoption papers in case the two had a chance to reconnect. and guess what anna's mother reached out ton facebook and it took a while to respond and they saw each other for the first time two years ago and today got to see each other again. >> always wanted a sister. >> the cool i get to bond with my sister. >> you see from anna's smile she was excited to show off her new braces to her big sister. it's special and she told united states the things she is looking forward to most is sister time. sister chats. we were there for this happy reunion. >> nothing like having a sister. love it.
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>> good stuff. >> alicia thanks. >> there is more ahead in the next 30 minutes of "action news" at 4:00. including a look at philadelphia's response to the school shooting in florida. we are learning more about the death of a man in fairmount park what city officials are saying about the hole that claimed a 72-year-old's life. i no wondering, "what if?" uncertainties of hep c. i let go of all those feelings. because i am cured with harvoni.
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continues with the murder of 17 students and staff at a high school in florida. and now details emerged about the accused killer. 19-year-old nicholas cruz appeared before a judge for the first time today. and the judge denied him bond. he took an uber too campus along with a rifle, gas mask. he pulled the fire alarm to flood the hallways. >> cruz escaped by posing as a student and was caught a few
4:30 pm
miles away and police are now combing his social media accounts looking for any motive. they call the material they found so far very disturbing and in addition, a white supremacist group claimed cruz as one of its members. >> and incidents like this, understandably, and routinely prompts questions about readiness here at home. dennis wilson added reporters today calling it a tragic situation but an unfort fate learning opportunity for law enforcement that the the department working hand in hand with city schools every day. >> we are working on lockdown plans for years, they are constantly drilled. if we get a school on lockdown it's at large with our police department. >> any threat whether in person or social media is investigated and taken seriously and hundreds of officers are deployed if schools throughout the year. our coverage of the florida
4:31 pm
school shooting continues online at there you could read more about the law enforcement investigation and hear what loved ones are saying about the victims who lost their lives in that shooting. >> now, to new details on that freak accident that claimed the life a 72-year-old man and his dog in fairmount park yesterday. both died after falling into a six foot hole and today gray hall asked city officials how could that even happen. gray is live now. >> reporter: hi sharrie, we can tell you this is a heart breaking story. moments ago the authorities released the identity of 72-year-old tony far of philadelphia. and if you look behind me you can see where this unfortunate incident happened and people are gathering here family and friends. the medical examiner ruling the death as accidental. and crews with parks and recreation are on hand all day
4:32 pm
to make sure this area is secure. 68-year-old theodore andrews walks and runs at fairmount park daily and he was surprised to hear a man died in the park. and the 72-year-old victim's dog fell into a hole six feet deep. he died try toing rescue the animal. >> i didn't continue my run yesterday because of what was going on. so you know, i just went home and prayed for the guy. >> the incident happened 2:30 p.m. wednesday along the 4700 block of concourse drive. the 72-year-old man was found partially inside of the hole and city crews have covered the area with dirt and filled in several other problem areas and they say they will use caution when they are in the park. >> it's so unsettling and so sad, i feel for the family. and something as harmless as walking your dog, oh my gosh.
4:33 pm
>> it's sad, like i said. my husband walks in here and we walk here. to hear that is strange. >> especially at this big of a hole. this area is not a staffed area and is not regularly patrolled on foot by park rangers and workers tell "action news" there is water underground the possibility of ground cave-ins exist. and in a statement the city says it's not possible to inpect areas all the time of cave-ins but if we are notified. we respond and secure the area immediately. >> condition believe it. it's a nice area. people come all overriding their bikes and walking their dogs. i have small kids it's horrific. >> again, back out live, the death is ruled accidental. we learned that the victim is 72-year-old tony farr of philadelphia. we must stress again that the
4:34 pm
philadelphia parks and recreation department is out here all day making sure this area is secure. and they say if are you in this area and you see the cave-ins and holes, report it to the city. all you have to do is dial 311. gray hall, channel 6 "action news." >> all right gray thank you. >> police have now released new surveillance video of a man robbing a northeast philadelphia business with a large knife. cameras captured the robber inside the store on caster avenue on january 17th, the clerk said the man asked for cigarettes and pulled out a knife and demanded cash, once the register was open he grabbed the money and left and the worker was not hurt here. if you have information on the crime contact northeast detectives. >> to our forecast now. an accuweather alert is issued for saturday as a potent storm system is expected to move in. meteorologist, adam joseph, tracking this one closely he joins us in the weather center with more of what to expect and
4:35 pm
when. >> before saturday's storm we have something tonight to deal with. a couple of systems rolling through here. and stormtracker 6 live double scan shows that rain just to the west in the ohio valley now working into central pennsylvania. and we get a good soaking overnight tonight. starting this evening. more than a half inch in much of the area into friday morning and we zoom into south and west. and the desert southwest you see precipitation there in albuquerque, new mexico, that the piece of the storm that will come together for saturday evening into saturday night. lets take a look at where the moisture is ejected from. it's going to interact w strong jet stream in the upper atmosphere acting like a vacuum with the storm and seeing a heavy period of wet snow. starting if the afternoon 4:00 to 7:00 across the region and changing and mixing to rain and
4:36 pm
depend on where you live. saturdayate afternoon into saturday night in the lehigh vstrn philadelphia. it's a heavy, wet snow that will accumulate on the roadways. that i-95 metro area, if you are 10 miles on either side of i-95 in new jersey or pennsylvania, snow mixing or changing with rain at times and see where the rain-snow line sets up shop and central delaware and s jersey going over to rain. talk about totals and temperatures in the 70s this is a very march seven day coming your way in just a little bit. >> if you mean all over the place. >> yes. >> we'll take it thanks. >> the university of the sciences is celebratinghe toda honoredhose that estliniversity of the birt of scienceree to doc
4:37 pm
present of the col sciences of philadelphia. >> the images and stories coming out of parkland, florida, are horrifying but increasingly common. but are we becoming numb? numb enough to not even have the debate on how to fix it. >> the video of students running with tir hands up and the heroic stories of their teachers using themselves as shields to save their lives, frightening and disturbing but is it becoming too commonplace? we'll talk more about that. what to experts have to say about all of us being exposed to the images, are we desensitized to violence? and if so what can we do about he issues and found i answers you'll want to hear tonight. w have that oaction news" at 5:00.
4:38 pm
>> an important cou. temple's klein college of media and communication held the internship and career fair today.ation about the inner workers of media jobs in print and digital and broadcast fields. students were encouraged to bring their resumes and "action news" was on hand to offer insight and advice, maxine crooks was there for a third year in a row. three residents of the philadelphia zoo are celebrating birthdays. the trio of black and wife lemurs are turning 2 yeared old and with their birthday falling so close to presidents day, all three are named accordingly after presidents, lincoln, theodore and quincy. i was at the zoo this morning
4:39 pm
and got to see the little guys. >> did you foe it was their birthday? >> i did not. > stuff. still on "action news" at 4:00, instant karma caught on camera how a b with a brick is turning him into an unwitting intnet >> and now mcdonald's trying to turn meals into healt meals. >> brimming with condiments and food you have a new trend that will start you to start cleaning out your fridge and kitchen closet. we'll break down the fridgy. in big talkers. ll, the confederate flag
4:40 pm
4:41 pm
is officially banned from the montgomery county farm fair.t t banner in that event in springfi
4:42 pm
they asked for the ban after someone displayed the symbol at last year's fair. investigators in china hope a would be burglar that accidentally turned himself is into an internet super star will turn himself into police. this is video from outside of a shanghai business. two men throwing bricks at a window trying to break in. instead of breaking the glass one burglar hits his accomplice in the head knocking him out cold and then the man was forced to drag his unconscious partner away. and the video was seen and shared more than 2 million times on chinese social media. >> big talkers now butterflies in the stomach, your heart going pitter patter and all signs it could be true love but if you want cold hard proof a scientific guarantee your love is real a medical test is in the
4:43 pm
works. dr. fred nor says there are chemicals only produced when someone is really in love. his new test detects the chemicals in your brain using an mri type scanner and some will do it for fun and other reese lie on this for data owe avoid marrying the wrong person. and to protect yourself from fakers, the premarriage scam would be a necessity ahead of a prenup. that should be ready to 2028. until then i say go with your gut. mcdonald's is giving the happy meal a healthy shakeup. a breakup with the cheeseburger and chocolate milk. they are working to make the meals healthier for kids and hamburgs will be on the menu and cheeseburgers by request only. the small fries will be replaced
4:44 pm
by kid sized fries and chocolate milk will be available if requested and bottled water replaces it. and by june each happy meal combo will be 600 calorie orz less. >> finally right now, it's all about selfies, clearly. and goals. fridge goals. if yours like mine is a mismatched hodge-podge milk and juice containers and tupperware and everything else. and i present fridge separation. a viral trend called fridgies. it's colorful refrigerators stocked to fruits and veggie perfection, color coordination, a presentation so beautiful broccoli and brussel sprouts could mimic art. they are not trying to shame the pizza and half eaten chocolate bar crowd but to inspire
4:45 pm
nature's bounty, eat the rainbow, beat the rainbow. >> i'll be back in a year when my fridge looks like this. >> i need more time than that. >> it is pretty. >> mine would be like impressionist art. modern art. >> jackson pollack. >> that is it. who is the guy that throws the watermelons. >> him. >> gallagher. >> that is it. time for a check of the roads tonight. >> all right matt pellman with the update on the traffic. >> my fridge has a couple of sodas and a few bottles of water. good afternoon to you brian and sharrie. our goal is to get home in a timely fashion. and this afternoon in your way a hodge-podge of different things. a crash on the westbound side of broad street. and the good news is, unlike the last half hour. it's off to the side. penndot is on the scene and lanes are open, extra heavy on
4:46 pm
the westbound vine, and normal afternoon volume. and overturned vehicle crash near the dunkin' donuts along academy road has cleared out. and gulph mills still watching the crash along 320, that is south gulph road near upper golf road and congested in this area. and 3 miles per hour on 422 westbound first broken down truckticking out past trooper and farther west by route 29 at the on ramp a crash on the shoulder. a couple of things mostly on the side and attracting attention on 422 westbound. nice and green in newcastle county this afternoon and i made a map in case that happened. a crash involving a dart bus by the 1340 split by the super 8 or use route 9 instead. we'll check it again in the 5:00 hour. >> see you then thank you. >> meteorologist, adam joseph
4:47 pm
standing by with the accuweather forecast.
4:48 pm
4:49 pm
meteorologist, adam joseph, now with the accuweather forecast. >> a text that the kids are playing in the backyard and feels like spring. winter is coming. snow and then back to 70 after the storm. very march like here. heavy wet snow storm and also 70s on either end of the system. pretty crazy. that is why you need me. >> is that why? >> now we know. sky 6 hd philadelphia international airport you see the glow, that sun is back and it is warming us up. some areas near 70 degrees right now. west of the city. but as we head into the holiday weekend. it's kind of all over the place here. saturday we start with sunshine and increasing clouds in the afternoon and evening snow and
4:50 pm
rain breaks out with temperatures cooler and 40 degrees, sunday is really nice. sunshine and hardly a and back up to near 50 degrees and monday clouds are back in and rain comes in over the afternoon and 53 degrees so you look at this and say. and i know what the winner is, it's sunday. numbers around the region we are looking at 61 in philadelphia. 68 in reading and lancaster, 63 wilmington and 60 in millville. even the poconos you know someone up there skiing or snowboarding it's in the 60s there also. there is the batch of rain tracking tonight and a lot of clouds in the lower 48 and our system comes in two pieces. one in the desert southwest and they come together for your saturday. but lets talk about this evening first. rain comes in heavy at time. between 6:00 and 8:00. arriving quickly from the west and temperatures stay warm all
4:51 pm
night long near 60 degrees rain heavy at times. that continues with the morning rush hour tomorrow. definitely slower than the evening rush hour. pack patience with the wet roads and rain falling and temperatures warm in the 50s and 60s to start friday morning and by friday evening, temperatures quickly crashing into the the 40s as the rain is gone and the clouds clear out. in fact as we look at the rainfall totals tonight into the first half of tomorrow. a good soaking of a half inch to maybe an inch in some areas tonight into the first part of our friday and then that second system that is even more potent than tonight. comes in saturday evening, look at 7:00 p.m. snowing across the area here. and mixing going on in southern areas and then warm air will come in. and a transition and change to rain all areas south of philadelphia and where the rain snow line is still kind of up in the air with the track of this storm and gone by sunday morning as the sunshine comes back out.
4:52 pm
the heaviest is 7:00 p.m. until 1:00 a.m. saturday evening. rough travel north and west of i-95 where snow accumulates fast on roadways. a mild ground and limit the accumulations because it's the heavy, wet, dense, snow. millville north of dover. 10 miles or so that includes the city of philadelphia. and north and west of the city to the poconos 3 to 6 inches of the sopping wet snowfall that is back breaking to shovel off. as we look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast showers and temperatures fall from the 60s to the 40s and evening snow and rain coming in saturday at 40 and the pick is sunday mild and sunny and 48 and rain comes in monday and 53 and near records tuesday and wednesday, either side of 70 degrees before it cools down on thursday of 50. and we have a little snow here.
4:53 pm
and then it melts away quickly. watch that travel saturday evening if you have plans north and west. >> all right adam. financial benefits of marriage details about that coming up in what's the deal.
4:54 pm
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time now for what's the deal. more than 2 million people get married every single year. consumer reports says that there is something else to love about tying the knot besides from the emotional connection and they rounded up the financial benefits of getting married. nicholas and mary are engaged. >> i am excited to celebrate everything we have done and the relationship that we built together and start to plan ahead for the future. >> along with monograms towels and checks from family members it's likely barbie and nicholas
4:56 pm
will experience other financial benefits like lower taxes. >> married couples may find tax savings when they file a joint return. you may be able to save more this tax season by itemizing. as for future tax returns talk to your financial expert. >> getting better or less costly health insurance could be a benefit. if you have family coverage at work and your spouse doesn't adding your spouse to your policy may cost you more but give you peace of mind. and you can receive social security payments of your spouse's entitlement. you need to be 62 years old and your spouse must have already filed for benefits. >> and save on car insurance, for married couples the cost of insuring two cars under one policy is less than having an individual policy for each car.
4:57 pm
for barbie and nicholas any financial benefit is a perk. >> we are excited to see how things continue to go throughout our lives. >> i am looking forward to and yes, it will be a great time. >> ha, ha, ha. >> thank you alicia. that will do it for "action news" at 4:00. for sharrie williams and adam joseph, i'm brian taff. hope you'll join me tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. "action news" at 5:00 is coming up next.
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4:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. 19-year-old l
5:00 pm
massacre. >> sir, you are held no bond. >> cruz is back behind bars facing 17 counts of premeditated murder and was expelled over disciplinary problems and yesterday armed for war an ar 15 style rifle. and he pulled the fire alarm
5:01 pm
that pulled students out o


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